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Medic pouches: a must have for any serious camping trip

Camping is a holiday type enjoyed by many. While most campers enjoy staying at a campsite with all amenities within reach, some don’t want to camp like that. They don’t want to sit around in a lawn chair and read some magazine on interior design, they don’t want their afternoon to be swimming in a perfectly filtered pool. They camp for adventure, they enjoy being far away from society. Being far away from society has a major downside however: there are situations in which you will need society. One of your camping group might get injured and you’ll need to go back. A medic pouch will help you be able to treat the wounds enough to be able to find a medical facility.

What should you carry in a medic pouch?

A medic pouch will not only carry everything you need to treat minor injuries, but it will also carry everything you need to treat more serious injuries enough to be manageable, so that the injured will make it back to society where they can receive further treatment. A medic pouch should contain things like bandages, scissors to cut said bandages, painkillers and other kinds of simple medication, and a disinfectant so that the wounds can be cleaned prior to treatment. You should further evaluate the contents of the medic pouch prior to your camping trip.

What kind of medic pouch should you get?

There are many kinds of medic pouches and while having any medic pouch is the most important thing, some medic pouches are definitely better than others, and there are things you should consider when shopping around for one. The very first thing: medic pouches should be durable. You DO NOT want to lose your medical supplies when you’re out there. Another thing is whether it fits on your belt. A good medic pouch should feature Molle loops for compatibility with Molle belts. Another thing to consider is size: bigger is not necessarily better. While a large medic pouch will hold more supplies than a small one, a large medic pouch is more of a hassle to carry around, and you might be tempted to leave it at camp. Leaving your medic pouch behind is a bad idea as you will never know when you might need it. Therefore it is recommended to bring both a small and a large pouch. You can carry the small one on less risky excursions, so you can leave the big pouch at camp.